I grew up with my son, now he’s 18….


(This is a very detailed/emotional post…. Please read with caution…and care)

After being unwillingly introduced to the act of sexual intercourse at the age 11, and having an absent drug addicted father, another absent naive father, and a present, yet unaware drug addicted mother, I found myself quickly leading down a path of destruction. Although I had truly sworn myself to abstinence, I was easily strayed from that goal when I was in a relationship with a boy that promised to love me forever….something I had never known! I had always LOVED babies, knew that I wanted many, but didn’t originally plan to start so soon! However….when I was 14, and raising my 2 little sisters, because my mother was incapacitated by drug addiction…my rational thought was naturally to start having babies of my own! Cuz he was gonna love me forever remember????

And there I was at age 14, young, full of life, and pregnant! I was secretly ecstatic! Finally, I would raise MY OWN baby, and then I miscarried. My heart was broken into pieces, my womb was empty, and I was absolutely devastated!! Within 2 weeks, I learned that I was pregnant again, it’s confusing how this all came together, and honestly for months I was sure that the Dr. made a mistake about the miscarriage. Remember that boy that was gonna love me forever?…..He broke up with me for another girl at school. Now here I was, age 14, young, all alone, and carrying this tiny little human inside me.

For the sake of time, I will save you the drama heartache detail that occurred during my 9 months of pregnancy…..

A MIRACLE is born!

On the morning of September 3rd 1993, that boy that promised to love me and our baby forever dropped me off at the front door of the hospital for my scheduled induction. I did give my mother an option to attend my birth ONLY if she were clean….and that she did!!! She arrived at the hospital gleaming, and she wasn’t high! (I am eternally grateful for that) After 8 hours of hard core, induced, un-medicated labor, and at the age of 15 at 4:43p.m I naturally gave birth to a 9lb 1oz beautiful baby boy. He was perfect in every way, and he belonged to ME!! By this time, I had moved in with my step-father (I use this term for the sake of political correctness) his girlfriend and my 2 little sisters. I had also at this time reinstated a relationship with an old boyfriend (like a previous true, innocent, middle school kind) He was accepting of my son, he helped me get to appointments, and was really just an important person to me, he also was there the day of his birth…when that boy that promised to love me forever wasn’t. He (now the father of my 15yr old son) remains a great friend. We just didn’t know how to make a grownup life together at the ages of 16 and 17.

When my perfect newborn baby boy was only 2 weeks old, we learned that he had a heart murmur. {No one told me this happens to teen moms as well} By 6 months old, after being diagnosed with a congenital heart defect known as; tretology of fallot, I sat and waited as my baby boy underwent open heart surgery. As a mother to an active, vibrant little I have watched him leap from furniture, roll down flights of stairs, drop tv’s on his head. I have lost him in malls, and otherwise ran myself ragged chasing this vivacious little boy!

God has remained faithful throughout all of my life, and while that boy who promised to love me and my boy forever…didn’t, God had a plan! {Doesn’t He always?} He placed a wonderful man in our life that adopted him, when that boy who promised to love me and my boy forever wouldn’t.

I now look at this handsome young man turning 18 today, and my heart is filled with so many emotions. Joy, sorrow, anxiety, countless emotions I have never even learned to identify myself. He has grown into such an amazing young man. Of course my standards are always higher than he can reach. He is a polite boy; he listens to loud screamo music, dresses sloppy, and lounges around the house like a sloth most days. He is also the perfect balance of quirky, hardworking, respectful boy who will do most anything that is asked of him. He isn’t afraid to make a tough decision when he knows it’s important. He loves his girlfriend unconditionally and faithfully, and most importantly; He loves Jesus, and isn’t afraid to admit it.

My baby boy...all grown up!

Although I am saddened to see this vibrant young boy whom I spent the last 18 years growing up with, turn into a young man of integrity, I am anticipatory to see the awesome man of God, faithful husband, and loving, hardworking father he is yet to become. I thank God every single day for continuing to work the miracles in his life, and pray one day he will grasp them!

This is the scripture I give to my son today;

Titus 2:7 ~In everything may Brandon show himself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in his teaching show integrity, dignity, and soundness of speech.

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