Maybe I’m an “Un-Schooler” by default


Excited, panicked, relieved, nervous; just a few of the emotions I felt as I was to take on this great task privilege of home schooling our 7th grader.

First year Homeschoolers; starting in 7th grade, quite likely a BAD combination. But none the less, here we are. Two weeks down, only forty to go! {whew….I’m exhausted}

The very first day of School I actually had to work. I was more worked up about that, and it has been most likely our BEST day yet. I provided him with a packet of info, and a schedule to adhere to, and he did it….and was actually happy about his day. He was excited, he wore his footy pj’s, a hat, and even got to listen to music while working (even if it wasn’t music I would normally approve of) He made the cutest video….”a shout out to my mom” I would LOVE to share it, but due to long, complicated “techy” issues, it is trapped in a separate computer…so a picture will have to do!

I’m sure I will be replaying the video ALOT through out the year; to remind him of just how Awesome Home School is!

Since then, He has gotten sick, the 9 yr old has gotten sick and been home FROM school, and then of course; mama got sick. Crazy….all this sickness from a family that normally doesn’t.get.sick….. I believe we have spent more days Un-schooling, than we have schooling.

To top it, I really haven’t put together much of a “curriculum” or lesson plans, or any of that organizational stuff…… There are many obstacles excuses that are in play:

  • I wanted to spend September just reviewing 6th grade stuff since he had such a rough year last year.
  • He is a difficult student…like really.difficult.student! If he doesn’t want to do it, he kinda just shuts off. I have tried to let him choose what he wants to learn about, but we don’t really have a lot of resources…(yet)
  • I see so many GREAT Homeschool ideas….from all you great little kid Homeschoolers! Where are all you BIG kid Homeschoolers???
  • The resources I do have are geared more towards sitting down, and working….he doesn’t learn well this way which is one of the many reasons we chose to homeschool.
  • We aren’t connected to any Homeschool groups, co-ops or anything….shoot; I can barely get us to a good church here lately!

Recently I was sharing my frustrations with someone. They so graciously replied; “That’s the nice thing about home schooling, right? You can have off days and still be ok”  Of course that’s the nice thing…..but it isn’t supposed to be a daily excuse!

I’m discouraged, I’m worn out, I’m exhausted and feel alone in this adventure; but I refuse to give up!

So as we embark on week 3 of this roller coaster journey, we will keep on… keepin’ on!

What were some of your initial obstacles when you began Home Schooling? How did you Over come them?


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Stacey is a: Saved by Grace, God fearing, Bible believing, Child of the King! In her chaotic world of full time employment, being a wife, raising 5 boys, laundry, dishes, carpool, PTSA, and on and on: She is STILL trying to fulfill God's call in her share her story, her battles, her triumphs, and testimonies of being a teen mom from a drug addicted home, to being the not so perfect wife and mother she is today! Her prayer is to lift up and encourage others through the words that God lays before her! In her chaos she has learned, she is not just a wife and mother.....she is a taxi driver, a nurse, a referee, a counselor, a maid, a cook and so much more...she has MANY purposes! Welcome to, Here we hope you find strength, humor, tears, and tangibility for your journey....whatever it is! Please feel free to comment (we LOVE comments) and if you are blessed, please won't you share the blessing with others! Thanks for Visiting! In Christ!

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  1. Have you considered using a sub to help with the teaching now and then? It might be fun if he had a sub for the day and they did some nature (Sicence) projects, or out door history around town. If you ever need a sub I’m free except on Tuesday afternoons. Prehaps others could be too, like both your dads, one in the computer field, the other in air-o-dimamics??? That might be inthe sicence dept. too.. Just thinking as a family maybe we could put our heads together for fun field trip learning experinces for him.

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