Caving in


Like an Avalanche....caving in around me

I can not even begin to express things here…
How does one gather together; the chaos in their mind?                                 
I feel as though my world is crashing in around me….
Not emotionally….amazingly enough, emotionally is where I feel secure, as if God is on the verge of something big.
At the same time, my physical world feels as though it  is weighing in on me.
I feel completely and totally overwhelmed…..and THAT is starting to affect my mood!
How does THAT even make sense right?
A wedding…
Figuring out Homeschool…
Clustered work schedule week…
Fundraiser event…
Household chores…
Spend time with family…
Spend time with God…)oh, how I long to spend some more time with Him)
and yet still trying to squeeze in what I desire most…..WRITING!
I haven’t read from my book, read from a blog, or written anything in 4 days! hen your passion is reading and writing….it feels like an eternity.
I look back up at the list, and while it appears as a somewhat “normal” chaotic week in the life of me, I still feel overwhelmed, and anxious!
How do you create a starting point  when your spinning in
I don’t know why; I don’t know how…
But I Do know Who….

On Christ the Solid Rock I stand....

He is my Rock….on solid ground, when all others seem to be crashing in around me, He remains solid!
I shall take refuge:

Psalm 18:2

 “The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
   my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge,
   my shieldand the horn of my salvation, my stronghold”


THAT. is my week in a nutshell…..

About multipurpose-mom

Stacey is a: Saved by Grace, God fearing, Bible believing, Child of the King! In her chaotic world of full time employment, being a wife, raising 5 boys, laundry, dishes, carpool, PTSA, and on and on: She is STILL trying to fulfill God's call in her share her story, her battles, her triumphs, and testimonies of being a teen mom from a drug addicted home, to being the not so perfect wife and mother she is today! Her prayer is to lift up and encourage others through the words that God lays before her! In her chaos she has learned, she is not just a wife and mother.....she is a taxi driver, a nurse, a referee, a counselor, a maid, a cook and so much more...she has MANY purposes! Welcome to, Here we hope you find strength, humor, tears, and tangibility for your journey....whatever it is! Please feel free to comment (we LOVE comments) and if you are blessed, please won't you share the blessing with others! Thanks for Visiting! In Christ!

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