A quick look back…..{in pictures}

Sam over at Sams Noggin hosted a link up for 2011 year end for Favorite Photo…..
As with many others, as I searched the 2011 archives, I found it extremely difficult to narrow it down to just one. 
So, I am going to aim for three….
This summer we bought a camper and This here is my very favorite summer time position.
(barefoot in front of the camp fire)
We don’t get to do to many fun things together as a family now that some of the boys are getting older. This day spent indoor rock climbing together was awesome!
I know we have seen images like this a thousand times….but when I’m driving down the road and I am caught by this, I can only stand in awe and His Wondrous Love for us. Never ceases to amaze me….
I really didn’t think I had many photos to go through, turns out I am behind the lens more than I realized. Thank You Sam and Rachel for encouraging us to sift through. I pray this continues to encourage me to stop and capture the moment more often.
Do you want to share some of your great photos from 2011….hurry on over and link up: times almost out!

Favorite Photo


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