Cherished {5 Minute Friday}


Around here we write for five minutes flat on Fridays.

We write because we love words and the relief it is to just write them without worrying if they’re just right or not. So we take five minutes on Friday and write like we used to finger paint. For joy in the process. No matter how messy the result.

Got five minutes? Come and write with us! (<—Tweet this!)

1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Please visit the person who linked up before you & encourage them in their comments. That is like the one rule we all really care about. For reals.

OK, are you ready? I’ve had this word on my heart for you all week. Usually I’m wondering what the prompt will be right up until nearly midnight myself. But this week – this week I think a few of you at least need this word…




I’m going to start out here by telling you that this prompt was hard for me this week. Not even gonna lie.
Life has been a little crazy around here, if you visit often, you know what I;m talking about. 
So, for real….I don’t feel cherished. Like….At.All.
and often times in the midst of defiant kids, arguments about life choices and paths, sibling rivalry, parental differences, harsh words, sleepless nights, and so on…
I. Forget. to. cherish.
Cherish their sweet smile, their softened hearts when they come with an apology.
Cherish silly games of penny poker.
Watching the same movie for the 47th time (his week)
sweet compliments about the yummy dinner.
Mornings that run smoothly (and the evening prior that brought it)
I forget to cherish these little things that are oh so important, especially in the midst of chaos. (and around here, we have lots of chaos)
Cherished. By Him



Thanks for stopping in. Now write for your 5 minutes, then head on over to Lisa-Jo and link up!


About multipurpose-mom

Stacey is a: Saved by Grace, God fearing, Bible believing, Child of the King! In her chaotic world of full time employment, being a wife, raising 5 boys, laundry, dishes, carpool, PTSA, and on and on: She is STILL trying to fulfill God's call in her share her story, her battles, her triumphs, and testimonies of being a teen mom from a drug addicted home, to being the not so perfect wife and mother she is today! Her prayer is to lift up and encourage others through the words that God lays before her! In her chaos she has learned, she is not just a wife and mother.....she is a taxi driver, a nurse, a referee, a counselor, a maid, a cook and so much more...she has MANY purposes! Welcome to, Here we hope you find strength, humor, tears, and tangibility for your journey....whatever it is! Please feel free to comment (we LOVE comments) and if you are blessed, please won't you share the blessing with others! Thanks for Visiting! In Christ!

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  1. Oh I so know what you mean. I get caught up in grumpies and forget that every hug, every smile, everyrunning over to give me a hug is a MIRACLE. An absolute priceless gift from my Father in heaven.

    Thank you for this reminder!!!

  2. I loved this! You were very honest with what I sometimes call “the facts of life.” It just isn’t always fun and chaos doesn’t seem to end. So it’s those small moments we need to hold on to. Those small moments that bring us from one messy event to the next. 🙂

    Visiting from 5MF!

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