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Where I’m From


Where I’m From

I am from cassette tapes jamming through the radio, from Hammer pants and hightop shoes; from Cabbage Patch dolls, and ten speed bikes.

I am from the unkempt house alongside the lake.

I am from blowing daffodils into the hot summer air; although the wishes never came true.

I am from Big Christmas gatherings that ceased at a young age and late night card games where children weren’t allowed. From the Orbans, the Gerwatowskis, and the Brancheau’s.

From a baby brother, I never met; although I long earnestly to see him in heaven one day.

I am from the “he said she said” and “not another drink for you”.

From “Children are to be seen and not heard” and “Promises were made to be broken”.

I am from catechism once a week, so that we were out of mom’s hair.

I’m from Southeast Michigan with polish sausage and mashed potatoes, or most times “make it yourself”

From the absent; drug addicted father, who always succeeded at failing. The present; drug addicted mother who was allowing us to be. And the “I can’t take this anymore” step father that left for his sanity.

I am from a childhood of blocked memories with wounds that still remain. From a teenage pregnancy that likely may have changed my course.

Most Importantly; I am from a God of salvation; of hope and restoration that continues to restore. Who raised me out of the muck and called me His own.

I am from a God that has cleansed my parents and brought on redemption and forgiveness.

I am from New Beginnings, and new traditions, and a New Where I’m From.

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Where I'm From