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Piercings, image and representation (or am I just being duped by the 12 yr. old?)

Body Piercing

To pierce, or not to pierce...?

I recently had quite a long discussion regarding piercings, image, and representation with a certain pretty awesome 12 yr. old boy. (My son)
The debate is;
He wants to pierce his ears, with the hope to gauge them, and then eventually pierce his lip. Now he wasn’t asking if he could do ALL of the above right NOW, but he was asking permission, and asking WHEN he would possibly be able to pierce such parts.
Of course my first reaction is a big.FAT.NOO!!
But I was careful not to spout out that answer…you see, I’m really trying to be more selective with that answer, because a lot of times, I really have no good reason for it, other than I don’t want to be bothered with the situation. (Well…I’d REALLY rather NOT be bothered with this situation) but it isn’t    going away, so I must face it. {{Pouts}}
A shortened version of the conversation;
M:”Why do you want them pierced?”
B:”Because it looks sweet”
M:”Even though you shouldn’t necessarily “care” about what people thinks of you, you should care about the image you portray in society, because you represent yourself, your family and your Jesus.”
B:”I don’t care what people think of me, and society is stupid anyway…why is it ok for them to JUDGE me?”
~I pondered for a little while, While he didn’t exactly give me a good reason why he wants his ears, or lip, or whatever else pierced, he DID make a valid point….”Why IS it okay for society to judge him?”
I try a little harder;
M:“Son, if I crawl out of bed in the morning, don’t comb my hair, or even get out of my pj’s…then I head to the store, what does that say about me? It says, I don’t care enough about myself to put a little time investing in my appearance. When we care about something we take care of it. Like your basketball….you LOVE that ball, so after you use it, you wipe it off, and place it safely in your room because you care about it.”
M:“I don’t care what people think about me as far as if I’m pretty enough, or thin enough, or have the best clothes, car, or house….I DO however care about the image I display as a child of God, I care if people are receptive to me”
B:”How is it fair that the world gets to judge me just because I have an earring in my ear or lip? It doesn’t make me a bad person. Too bad for them if they won’t give people a chance, and they want to stereotype or judge me”
My last effort;
M:”Son, it’s not always judgmental in the way you see it. The Bible tells us to judge a tree by the fruit that it bears. If you were looking for an apple on a tree and came across 2 apples on a branch… One was perfect ad round, red and shiny, but the other had rotten spots, and a worm coming from it…which apple would you choose?”
B:“Mom, what does this have to do with apples?????”
So, now he’s just plain wearin’ me down….I’m out of energy, out of argument, and out of patience….
The Best reason I have at this time to tell him NO is kinda based on the stigma society has placed on it, and yet it seems to me he has a fairly rational arguments, and he’s right; it ISN’T fair that society gets to judge him, but it IS a fact of life! I also feel as though he hasn’t seemed to be able to give me a good clear answer on WHY he wants piercings.
Are his arguments valid, am I over analyzing this whole ordeal or am I just being duped by my 12 yr. old?
Would you allow your 12 or 13 yr. old child to pierce his ears, lip, nose, etc…?
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