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Like a Common Caterpillar


And so, in my ambitions to tackle the social media world, I stumbled upon this awesome cool site called Book Sneeze!

Which merely caught my attention by it’s  name alone!

Basically, they GIVE you (bloggers) books…for FREE. They have a selection of e books and print books.

But wait, there’s a catch!!! You know there’s a catch, there’s ALWAYS a catch!

You actually have to read the book, and submit a review….easy peasy right?

Well, don’t you worry, cause I got myself all together this week, and I didn’t think it would be a good idea to dive in too deep, so I decided to play around in the shallow end read a children’s book!

Every body Loves Max Lucado right?

So, I chose…….. {insert drum roll}

Hermie, a common Caterpillar

Hermie: The Common Caterpillar (a just like Jesus story)

What a Cute book….(of course I have a thing for Butterflies!)

Of course, even though it’s a children’s book, designed to minister to children, it really did Bless me! So, I’m gonna tell ya about it…

How many times do we feel common, as in;

  • not skinny enough
  • not stylish enough
  • not educated enough
  • not rich enough
  • not read enough

only to give it to God, then return right back to those ways of thinking as soon as we hit the local mall, or work, a blog, or even a ladies group…growing envious of what others have (and we don’t) Completely taking our focus off of what we do have.

Or better yet, How often I am the common Christian….dull, boring, with no outward beauty boldness!

And just as we feel weary and tired, like we just can’t take any more, but we know He is doing a work in us…and we emerge from whatever situation stronger, more beautiful, more focused….like a radiant butterfly!

As a children’s book, it’s great. It focuses in on how children can so easily get caught up in the rut of being envious of others. Now graded as a level 2 reading book, it’s a great way to engage little ones into reading as well!

You can find the book here: on Amazon for as little as $7…or, sign up for Book Sneeze and get yours for free too!


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