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StressPoint ~ Book Review


Sorry to Blow up your feed today. I MUST get this done!!

I LOVE that Booksneeze offers wonderful books  for bloggers such as myself, in exchange for MY opinion about it…whether good or bad. That’s it! I’ve been blessed with some AMAZING stuff!

Just last fall I used a Bible study that I received for an actual study group, and it was AMAZING!!! I will probably even use it again in the future!

(but…..they’re changing some guidelines, (for good reason) and I can’t hold on to the same book for like….6 months, so I have to submit this review so I can continue receiving/reviewing great content)

so without more rambling…. I’m going to talk about


Thriving through your twenties in a decade of drama


it’s a study (I always like to review studies) but perhaps this one was a little out of my league.

Even being “outside” of the twenties decade, I also lived a very abnormal decade then….not your “typical”

Sarah Frances Martin touches life issues for the twenties, such as career, self image, love/dating,friends, family, money…you know; the typical!

I DO like that their aren’t confusing questions at the end of each chapter. Those always make me feel like it’s a test. In her chapters, she shares some stories, case studies, and then a place for you to journal your thoughts and reflections.

I do wish it was a little simpler. the book is a total of 250+ pages. It does have the leader guide built right into the back, so that’s nice!

Anyway…I actually read the book back in the summer, had to review it again to remember what I read.

It’s a nice study, but probably wouldn’t be my first pick. (even if I was twenty-ish)

Thanks again Booksneeze for the great opportunity!

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