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Community (in)RL….Stepping out Relentlessly


Just like me to be late with my link up.¬†In case no one has noticed, it has been a little bit since I’ve posted to the great big world of YOU! ūüėČ

Life has been taking me in all sorts of directions of crazy. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write here, I have been trying to learn how to “self” host this thing, give it a little makeover….all that fun stuff. Truth is, I have switched some things, and I’m just praying this here post is successful.

Because those sweet ladies over at inCourage sent me this sweet (in)RL study and video set, along with a 365 Day Brightener. All they want from me is my story. My story about how it blessed me.

So….here goes; nearly a year ago those same sweet ladies announced that they were launching (in)RL. (in)RL is a women’s conference based on community….held all.around.the.world. In living rooms, and churches, and coffee shops. (in)RL was designed so that women could actually make it to a community event, connecting with other women all over the world…right from their own home.

Great idea right? Absolutely!! Unless your a chicken like me. I signed up to host, I paid, I¬†received¬†the t-shirt. I was SO excited….and then I slowly began to chicken out. I couldn’t even watch the telecast from my own home because my internet is that bad. :/

And so, April came and went…and I was just the same. A chicken afraid to step out into community. Later they announced that there would be a video and book study set from that day…but of course I didn’t have the extra money to spend. So, here¬†I’ve¬†been just plugging away at Life, and along comes this opportunity to review the set….for free!!! whooot!


I¬†immediately¬†signed up. When my box arrived I tore it open and began to watch the DVD set. I sat at my table for an entire morning…weeping.

The story of community stung, and the tribute Sara encouraged,  and of course the feature about Mercy House Kenya inspired me and my role with my Mercy House here!

The ladies sat through a portion of the video, talking about community, about fitting in..and what it means to them….










This was SO powerful to me….all alone in my dining room. I AM going to step out. SEEK friends, and press in. Relentlessly!









and this here Day Brightener does JUST that. It sits on the counter near the place I generally park my laptop for the night and greets me each morning! Every day there is encouragement there. Words of grace and wisdom from the (in)Courage gals.

Thank you for this gift, (in)Courage and the Day Spring team!


*Remember, I received this gift from (in)spired deals in return for my story and how it ministered to me.¬†If you would like to read other womens’ stories from October products, please go here. If your a blogger, and would like to learn how you¬†can participate, then check out the December (in)spired deal here.

Thanks again for hanging out, and being so patient while I trudge though web/blog hosting all by myself ūüėČ

Be Blessed!