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Taking the Plunge…


Well, this week has proved me crazy…if nothing else ūüėČ

After much prayer and seeking through the Lord…


I signed up as an Independent 31 Gifts consultant¬†(sooo, if ya know anyone in the area I’d be glad to be invited to their home…or anyone from a far can order right from there..:)

Through this business, I pray to be able to generate some much needed extra income with the goal of being successful enough to quit the full time J.O.B and work from home…allowing more freedom to be the Wife, Mother and Writer/Speaker that I KNOW God has called me to be.

I have inquired about becoming a contributor to a new, (yet pretty awesome group blog) called In Be-Tween Mom’s! I figured if I keep waiting to be asked, I may turn 100….So, I’m putting my big girl pants on…and asking out…I can handle a “No”

I am supposed to be working on a sample article (will be doing THAT his week too)


I am going to work on THAT ¬†Blog Conversion. I’m pretty oblivious as to how it all works, but unless I dive in, it’ll never happen….

Just think, I’ll be able to add widgets, buttons, adds…..I might even be able to make a little money doing so!

Need to keep the Inertia moving….or I surely will become idol!

So, will ya stick with me through this?


Hopefully things will go ever so smoothly…..