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Tattle Tale Tuesday… I’m “tattling” on some other great bloggers…


A new (and hopefully consistent) weekly post that takes a moment to Tattle on highlight some of the super awesome blogs I’ve read this week!

And so, here I am…..

Again! {insert sigh}

Every week I prayerfully consider compiling some of the greatest posts I’ve read, for a few reasons:

1. They Blessed me….and I want to Bless you by making sure you have the opportunity to read it!

2. They Blessed me….and I want to Bless them by sharing their writings!

3. They Bless me….They Bless me….They Bless me!

Every week I start this post, save it into my drafts…then Life gets in the way, and Tuesday comes and goes!

So, I have decided, no matter how big (or small) the post is…I’m sharing!  It may be only one post remembered…it may 8!

But none the less, I am committing to this weekly! (a public announcement means I can’t fail…right?

Without further ado:

I have really struggled our first week of homeschooling. I feel our start has been TOO slow, I get easily frustrated when he doesn’t do things MY way….which TOTALLY defeats the purpose of homeschooling anyway, right?

Lana posted for the first time over at The Homeschool Post, and most of her writing hit the very spot…

I let Anger, Anxiety, and the Absence of tranquility get to me.

And Who doesn’t LOVE to fellowship with woman who share the same interests, desires, and struggles? I literally stumbled upon this great blog at Seeds of Faith, and they we actually beginning an ifellowship Blog Hop….I kinda like these Blog Hop deals. I met some great woman after the very heart of God, and hope to meet and read some more!

5 minute Friday by the gypsy mama is a weekly challenge for writers to “Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.” You get a topic/theme, and you write . I have only visited this blog a time or two, but I thought I would jump in. I wrote for 5 minutes, I pondered upon that writing for 2 hours, and I then deleted that writing. Over 150 brave writers linked up their posts, and I chickened out. Maybe next time, but why not THIS time? What am I so afraid of?

There are so many great stories,posts, blogs I read in a week, I would just love to share them all. But probably, even if I could I wouldn’t be able to. My blog following technique is a hot mess… I gotta get better at this!

How do you organize your favorite blogs, hoping not to miss out on them?

Do you have any great posts you read this week? Please feel free to share below!