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I’m doing everything the books say, and my kids aren’t turning out like the ones in the books!!!

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You receive the great news that you’re going to be a mother. You are overwhelmed with gratitude. What will he/she be like? What will you name him/her? Will he/she have mommy’s smile, or daddy’s height? You read every book, magazine article, and pamphlet you can get your pregnant little hands on.

You eat right, exercise; listen to labor and delivery horror stories. You carry and nurture that little bundle of joy growing inside you. 10 months later, yes 40 long (like never ending) weeks later, the big day arrives. The cramps are stronger, things are starting to progress. 14 hours later you are announced the proud mother of a beautiful new baby. You freeze until you hear the music of that first cry. (It’s quite likely that this will be one of the only times that cry sounds like music)

Now you are home, and your family is complete. Pure bliss…right? Your baby is perfect in every way. He/she begins to reach the milestones you read about. He first holds his head up, then rolls over, begins to crawl, then walks, and so on…

You survive the terrible two’s with minimal professional help. And you’re on to school years. Now all of those great attributes you’ve instilled into your child will be over casted by the influence of every “cool” kid in school. You really think you’re able to stay ahead of the game until middle school. Grades begin to plummet, attitudes are undesirable, and they are beginning to develop an attraction to the opposite sex. You quick, run out and purchase a whole new library of self-help parenting books.


You know, the kind that says that their way is the only proven way effective in raising well rounded faith based children. You can creatively correct, challenge your kid til Friday, institute reality discipline, or just merely blow! While all of these books are GREAT books, and provide a wealth of inspiration, knowledge, and resource, the truth is; we as parents should not be fully relying on the information contained within those pages. There is a much greater resource.

The Holy Spirit and all of the words held within the pages of the Bible. It isn’t just about instructions on how we can raise well rounded, productive, graceful children of God. It is really about how WE are to live as well rounded, productive, graceful children of God. Therefore; reflecting that very image upon our children. Throughout their entire life, we cannot grow weary in our faith, in our walk or in our boldness!

I have joked for years now about this very title here. Only to be criticizing revealing my own efforts. I have fallen short many times. I have moved laterally in my walk with the Lord, therefor allowing things of which are unholy, and by this behavior, I have to take full responsibility in the short comings of myself which reflect upon my children. My boys are “good” boys. They don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t skip school (even if they aren’t doing their homework) aren’t having sex, they attend church.

Great kid’s right???

Why is the standard set so low for great kids to be great? While they aren’t out doing these things, (or any of the things I did at their ages) what are they doing in their own lives to strengthen their relationship with Christ? What are they doing to positively impact a lost society of school aged children? What are they doing to lead their friends and family to the Savior? Is the question here;, what are THEY doing, or should it be what am I doing?

The key is to dig deep into Gods word. Learn how to live by His word, and therefor reflect an image that your children will mirror. I feel as if I have already wasted so many valuable years in my children. Don’t waste them in yours. Be steadfast now! But if you’re like me and find yourself “getting it” after your children are growing. Don’t worry…God placed them in our care for a purpose. He entrusts you with His children. Continue to seek His guidance, in prayer and in study. He will direct your path! And trust that if you have instilled the smallest bit of foundation into them, they WILL return to it. God’s word says so. It just might be a bumpier road along the way!

Trust me…I’ve got pot holes!

Train up a Child in the way He should go, and when he grows old he will not turn from it.

Proverbs 22:6

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