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Goal 4~ Work from home

During this week, I am sharing a few goals (those I found most important) If this is your first time here, you may want to go check out the initial post.
Goal One~ is to stop dreaming about being that wife and mother and to start being her. 
Goal Two~Host my own blog.
Goal Three~ Write my book (really it would be His book)
Goal Four~ Work from Home.
Before I met my husband I was an unsaved single mother working  3 jobs at a time trying to prove I was not just another statistic.
Then God sent me Phil, we were married, and then I was able to stay home.
Just before conceiving boy #5 he was injured on the job. It wasn’t the type of injury that debilitated him from everything, but enough to keep him from his trade as a journeyman. I had just enrolled into nursing school (thinking I was going into midwifery) Little did I know. I soon had no choice but to enter the work field as a nurse, as our source of income.
For years I was bitter, angry, resentful…toward my husband! I was a difficult transition for the both of us. Him losing the ability to provide financially for his family, and me being forced into the work field.
Maturity has now shown me how I really believe it was God’s hand that allowed the man of our home to be the one home with our  5 boys. Their a bit older now, and my desire to be at home is more than just a bitter one, it’s one of purpose. I don’t know that it’s Biblical (even women in the Bible worked) I just know God wires women differently. My husband has done a great job being home, He cooks, He cleans, plays with the kids…..even with ADHD. I’ve always sorta joked…”he’s no woman, but he does a good job 😉
But the desire in me is growing greater by the moment. For many reasons.
My 9yr old wants to homeschool, ( and I so desperately want to pull him out) and for the ones IN school I want to participate more.
Some people (even the hubs) cringe grumble when I speak of waning to stay home….stating “You only work 10 days a month, what is the big deal?”
I’ll tell you….their long days….12 hours, sometimes stretched into 14! So, out of 10 days each month, I miss church 2-3 times, when the kids have an event, Its almost always scheduled on a work day, it hinders my volunteering at Mercy House, hinders my evenings with my boys. Those are just a few of the reasons.
Nursing is rough. While I don’t mind it for a season, as I approach it with a servants heart….It is not my calling. Nursing administration and the government make it dang near impossible to provide good patient care, so most nights I leave there, and drive home a failure.                                         
“Why don’t you go somewhere else?”
Well, I’m an LPN (not so “marketable” in many places). And I truly believe Nursing Admin “stinks” everywhere you go.
And why would I go back to school to pursue something that I DON’T want to do.
My schedule was nice in the fact that I had some consistent scheduled days off every week.
That recently changed.
I believe God is calling me out of this season, with all my heart I believe that. But when you are the sole source of income and healthcare for your family, it’s a little difficult to take that leap of faith. 
I know God is calling me to write, and speak…I believe that will provide the resource God sees fit.
While I work on that….I am going to sell 31gifts.
I prayed hard about this:
I feel that it will help me to step out in front of people and engage socially.
It will provide income to eventually replace my “real” job.
It will provide flexibility to be home when I need to be.
I could go on all day on this subject….. (I almost have 😉
Are you working against Gods will?
What plans do you have to work towards His alignment?