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School, Schedules, and Structure…oh my! {But really this is about chores and allowance}


Summer season = Structural Hiatus in our home. And boy, do we struggle enough with structure to begin with.

With the school season banging at the door, the only thing that has me excited is “structure”

Having an ADHD husband and 5 wild things boys can be very trying on a woman’s ability to manage her household. {Proverbs 31:27}  Although I despise that the public school system dictates our family schedule, I also secretly love that I can try to instill some structure (and BLAME it on school).


“It’s not my turn”

“I did that yesterday”

“I wasn’t even home”

“Dude, that’s not fair”

Gets really.REALLY old…..

We have been working on a “system” to reinstate chores. I have also been revisiting “allowance” (something we have not been very diligent in, in the past). Although chores AND allowance will NOT be connected, I am seeking advice for both situations here.  (Cheater, I know…)

I don’t believe that children should be given allowance for completing household chores.

It is their home to take pride in just as well as ours and no one pays us to clean it.

Sure would be nice though!

In this; I came up with a list, and have been trying to tweak it a bit over the last couple weeks. In the mean time I have come across many GREAT ideas over at Frantically Simple regarding chores, allowance, and extra jobs, and have found it to be very encouraging, only issue is……most of the situations don’t match mine.

So, here’s my deal-e-oh:

We have bigger boys:

Should a son with his own job be assigned the same amount of chores as a child who does not work outside the home? (yes, I believe he should have SOME chores…it’s his home too)

Should a son with a job and income of his own qualify for allowance?

We have a Blended family:

Should the son that does not live here full time be assigned chores when he’s here, or should we just throw a few things his way when he’s here?

Should a son who does not live here full time qualify for an allowance?

I have an ADHD husband:

Ok, I snuck this one in….. Often times my sweet husband will develop great systems with me, only to nearly be the cause of our failure just weeks later, because he truly does not have the ability to follow structure. He doesn’t mean it, and I know this: therefore I do not blame him (well, I’m working on that)…just wondering if anyone has ideas on how to keep HIM on task….

Our income is limited:

The largest factor in our children NOT receiving allowance consistently over the years has been lack of resource. We offer allowance, and then can’t seem to keep up with it. 5 boys is a large payroll! I want the set allowance to be enough to make an impact, but small enough that we can keep up with our end.