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Thoughts of a Mother Giveaway…..

Just wanted to throw a quick post out there to my tiny little spec of the blogging world….
As you have likely read recently, my life has taken some pretty crazy twists. Twists that I praise God through and trust that He is in control of.
I also have a local “bloggy” friend Nicole who is also trying to obtain her own little corner of this vast blogging world.
She has a message. (I’ve shared a little about her before here)
and She wants to share it!
She also has a great. Big. Heart and wants to help me out. 🙂
So She is giving away some of my amazing thirty-one gifts product! Ok, well actually it’s Cindy Monroe’s amazing product, I have just been Blessed to take this venture on to be a work from home mama!
Nicole’s heart is SO big, that she’s not giving away just ONE piece of thirty-one product…She’s giving away TWO!! She’s even giving away the piece that I am giving her to “review”
SO….without further ado …..
Head on over to Thoughts of a Mother’s FIRST ever giveaway!  
You can also find her on facebook and twitter!
Be sure to share the Love!!!
Tell me….what would YOU do with some of these amazing products?