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Judging others


 “I can’t believe she smokes”

“OMG…look at ALL those tattoos”

“They’re just in it for a handout”

“How can they talk like that?”

“How can they call their self a Christian, if they drink?”

These are MANY (but not nearly all) of the judgmental thoughts that all too often flow through my mind.

Truth is; I often catch myself “judging” others in many situations. But in my heart I know that my convictions are not always your convictions! And I really don’t intentionally do it….it just comes. Why? I don’t know….because I really DO recognize my own faults.

Possibly, I am just too critical of everyone…including myself!

I guess that’s why God didn’t pick ME to be Jesus!

In what kind of ways do you pass judgment towards other Christians?

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