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Proud Sheep

For the first time, probably ever I have been taking on roles in the church. Roles to step out, reach out, and branch out. Steps to get out of my pew, obey God, empty hell and fill heaven.
It’s not that I haven’t ever wanted to in the past. Those that know me, or those that have read here for a while probably know that I struggle with esteem issues, I struggle with fear….fear that I’m not heard, not taken seriously, and not “good enough” for the job.
Clearly those are lies from the enemy, when I know without a doubt that God has called me to step out, and speak, lead, and write….Ironic, that those are all the things I have felt I’m not good enough in huh?
I’ve been in some leadership training, and participating more, and more…and It is SO fulfilling!
Our church has recently launched a New Church service, called Momentum. Separate from our normal Sunday morning gig, held on Saturday evenings. It’s shorter, more contemporary, and is geared a little more for an audience that generally hasn’t been to church. A broken age group between the ages of 20-35 (but certainly not limited to that)
I get to coordinate worship. Yes, I am FINALLY publicly worshiping my God. With a team. (Something I’ve always loved, but again…not  brave enough to do) In doing this, I have been learning much of the behind the scenes sort of events that must take place in order for a service to run smoothly.
As with any event or service, if there isn’t organization, things would be chaotic, and people would be confused, or lost, and probably wouldn’t come back. Whether we’re talking about a church service, a healthcare facility, a grocery store, or a concert. There must be order. A plan.
So this past Sunday our morning service was kind of a big “to do”. We had a pretty amazing guest speaker James O. Davis from the Billion Soul Network. Can I just say that this guy is truly an anointed speaker? 
Well good, because I am going to say that!
Along with that we had a baby dedication happening, which usually means a bunch of extra family members (that don’t normally attend church)
So imagine the type of coordination it may have taken to run our service smoothly, and remain respectful of the congregations time.
and then…..
right in the very middle of some very important announcements, a member walks a homeless man right to the very center of the altar. Right up to the pulpit where our pastor stood. 
A worn, scraggly, grungy, intoxicated, and broken homeless man. A man on a journey.
The church falls silent only for a brief moment, as the congregation awaits a reaction. I can honestly tell you, I know of pastors who would have politely had an assistant remove him from the sanctuary in order to not disrupt the service. Sure they may have fed him, or offered him resource…but they would have hushed him out.
Would Jesus have had him removed?  No.
And this. This is where the character of our church leader truly shone. He had the associate pastor take him just over to the side. (maybe 10 feet) He finished his sentence (the one he was in the middle of when they showed up at the stage) and then he totally uprooted the order of service. In order to uproot this man from the gates of hell he was heading towards.
Immediately he called the congregation to pray. To pray over this man. He then continues to disrupt service by following the nudge from God to pray for all people that have lost children.
From there, our pastor invited this man to join him throughout the service right smack in the front pew with him. He then invited him to join us for the luncheon afterward. Where he could receive a wonderfully prepared meal, and much love and support from our church.
I say all of this because I am proud. I am proud to be a part of something so big that God is doing in our church. We are called to Reach. Rescue. and Set Free. Everyone!
I am proud of the way the church body handled it, and I believe it is because they were displaying an image of the character in which we are lead by in the church.
Our Pastor.
Our Shepard.
and we are His sheep.
and I am proud.