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Big Changes….coming soon!!!



I’ve been talkin’ this craziness for a loooong time. But it’s for real this time.

After much, much, MUCH prayer……

Changes really ARE coming!!!! I’ve been working behind the scenes on a BRAND new blog. (like a grown up/self hosted one)

New branding. New Layout. New platform…..

I have really done alot of praying about what exactly it is that God wants to use me for when writing and sharing my story. And I don’t know if I have it all right or not. But I’m just going to keep moving forward, until He shows me different!


I pray I’m doing the right things…… I really really just want to be used by Him…in a Real and Authentic way.

Some things I plan to cover more are;

  • Choosing Joy (my journey through depression)
  • Fitting in/Standing out (being real, finding your place, community, friendships)
  • Embracing Chaos (raising 5 boys, working in and out of the home, and marriage)
  • Survival (fighting for the Life of a trouble teen
  • Random rants (you know…..everyday “stuff” that doesn’t fit nicely in one of the above boxes 😉 )

I’ve really been praying about this for a while.  I’ve been working on the new place for a couple weeks. It would be so dreamy to pay one of those fabulous design mamas to help me….but, it’s actually been kinda fun…learning all the “self hosted” stuff. I only pout at the computer like 3 out of 5 times… 😉

So….prayerfully in the next couple of weeks, I will be announcing the new space. Then we will begin the slow transition over.

I pray that you will come with me!

Are there other things that I have shared that have really ministered to you?

Topics that You would love to see me cover?

Please share, I would love to know!