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Tattle Tale Tuesday… I’m “tattling” on some other great bloggers…{week 2}


And so here we are…it’s Tuesday again! I really felt like I haven’t read that much this week, but I suppose I have more to share than I originally thought. It really has been a crazy week, but what I have read has been pretty impactful!


Let me start with Kara who writes for this great site The Better Mom. To be honest, I almost slipped passed this one…because the title is: There are rats in my cellar….well, I don’t know about YOU, but I certainly don’t want to read about no rats!! Luckily many bloggers continue to post their link on facebook and twitter along with a catchy little phrase, and one of them sold me….so I lingered on over and read….it was SOO good, I even had my hubby read. I normally don’t want him reading my stuff….these are for ME! 😉 It was like Kara had just written that post from my house the night before.

And well…..who hasn’t lost a sock or 2? I personally have an ongoing mound of socks, and I often hear that dreaded question in the sweetest of voices “mom, will you find me some socks” But this post isn’t much about socks. Its about a Bigger Picture; Of black holes and lost time. Hyacynth posts over at Bigger Picture Blogs . They bless me continuously, although I’ve never posted in a Bigger Picture Challenge; reading them keeps my mind constantly thinking and searching for the Bigger Picture in small moments.

I won’t ask if you ever feel insignificant, because it might temp you to lie; better yet, we’ll ask How Often do you feel insignificant? Amanda who had her post  living a life of significance featured over at  (in)courage. Did I mention….that this group of ladies Bless my socks off…and.they.don’t.even.know.it! I can’t wait to host an (in)RL event in April!!

And Last but NOT least….a little video on Submission…..yes, that cringie little word; Submission! What does Submission look like to you? Do you feel like society has lost its course in this? I do! I also know I have a LONG way to go in order to be the kind of submissive I need to be to my God, my Husband, my Family, and friends! Darlene at the Time Warp Wife does a beautiful job laying out some examples of submission, along with some scriptures that line up.

less than 2 minutes….you can do this!

Thank you So much for visiting some of the other great writers who continue to Bless Me. Have you read some other awesome posts this week, you’d like to share? Place a link in the comments section….