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Maybe I’m an “Un-Schooler” by default


Excited, panicked, relieved, nervous; just a few of the emotions I felt as I was to take on this great task privilege of home schooling our 7th grader.

First year Homeschoolers; starting in 7th grade, quite likely a BAD combination. But none the less, here we are. Two weeks down, only forty to go! {whew….I’m exhausted}

The very first day of School I actually had to work. I was more worked up about that, and it has been most likely our BEST day yet. I provided him with a packet of info, and a schedule to adhere to, and he did it….and was actually happy about his day. He was excited, he wore his footy pj’s, a hat, and even got to listen to music while working (even if it wasn’t music I would normally approve of) He made the cutest video….”a shout out to my mom” I would LOVE to share it, but due to long, complicated “techy” issues, it is trapped in a separate computer…so a picture will have to do!

I’m sure I will be replaying the video ALOT through out the year; to remind him of just how Awesome Home School is!

Since then, He has gotten sick, the 9 yr old has gotten sick and been home FROM school, and then of course; mama got sick. Crazy….all this sickness from a family that normally doesn’t.get.sick….. I believe we have spent more days Un-schooling, than we have schooling.

To top it, I really haven’t put together much of a “curriculum” or lesson plans, or any of that organizational stuff…… There are many obstacles excuses that are in play:

  • I wanted to spend September just reviewing 6th grade stuff since he had such a rough year last year.
  • He is a difficult student…like really.difficult.student! If he doesn’t want to do it, he kinda just shuts off. I have tried to let him choose what he wants to learn about, but we don’t really have a lot of resources…(yet)
  • I see so many GREAT Homeschool ideas….from all you great little kid Homeschoolers! Where are all you BIG kid Homeschoolers???
  • The resources I do have are geared more towards sitting down, and working….he doesn’t learn well this way which is one of the many reasons we chose to homeschool.
  • We aren’t connected to any Homeschool groups, co-ops or anything….shoot; I can barely get us to a good church here lately!

Recently I was sharing my frustrations with someone. They so graciously replied; “That’s the nice thing about home schooling, right? You can have off days and still be ok”  Of course that’s the nice thing…..but it isn’t supposed to be a daily excuse!

I’m discouraged, I’m worn out, I’m exhausted and feel alone in this adventure; but I refuse to give up!

So as we embark on week 3 of this roller coaster journey, we will keep on… keepin’ on!

What were some of your initial obstacles when you began Home Schooling? How did you Over come them?