Welcome to my world! My little, yet Ginormous world of transparency, where I often expose my struggles, fears, weakness’, and even those rare moments of success in this journey of being a wife and mother to 5 boys! I often refer to my world as “chaos”…and I’m embracing it!

As I was growing up in the home of a drug addicted mother, and an absent drug addicted father, I never really had much structure, and therefore found myself to be “with child” at the age of 14! At the age of 15 I became the mother of a precious baby boy….and the rest is many stories to be told!

Fast forward nearly 18 years…. I am SO blessed!

I have an amazing hubby of nearly 14 years; and 5 wild, chaotic, yet awesomely amazing boyz…… Brandon who is 17, Philip who is 16, Boyd who is 15, Baely who is 12, and Cole who is 9! For those of you who still have young ones, and think it will get easier when their older and more independent….Think again!!! 😉 We also have 2 dogs, 2 3 cats, a fish, and……

A few Interesting facts about me: (that I have previously written about, or will likely write more about in the future)

  •    On Dec 1, 1993 (2 days after my 16th Birthday) I became the FIRST emancipated minor in our county!
  •    I only attended 3 weeks total of high school , never attended prom, drivers ed, etc….(NOT a recommendation)
  •    Although I am a Nurse, working full time; and I love what I do, I also believe it is NOT God’s calling for my life, and I am only there for a season!
  •    I apprenticed for 2 1/2 amazing years as a Home Birth Midwife, and although Life entering this world continues to AMAZE me, I sadly realized that, that too was not God’s calling for my Life!
  •     I work passionately (yet not enough) with New Beginnings Mercy House Ministries; a Christian Crisis Pregnancy Center. The president and founder; Brenda was my source when I was alone, pregnant and without Jesus at 15 yrs old!
  •   I struggle something fierce (only it’s totally getting better) with depression and anxiety….(wonder if it has anything to do with my childhood…;)
  •    My brain is often CONSUMED with thoughts of writing, and speaking…only to get in front of a word doc or audience to be speechless…..
  •    I have read just about every book out there that teaches you how to have perfect children….and my children still aren’t perfect! Actually I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read…and not ONE of my 5 boys do…L well…maybe, just maybe the 9 year old….a little!

( I even recently got to review a couple of e-books; Notes to aspiring Writers, and Parenting the Wild things….and let me tell ya, I have been HUMBLED by the privilege! AND….I just happen to think BOTH books were Amazing!)

  •   I am very very impatient with this whole blogging / writing thing…I want to know how to do it ALL….and I want to know NOW…but I know that aint gonna happen, so I will continue to enviously read others 😉

That’s it in a nut shell….. I hope you will continue to visit often, and watch me as I learn and grow as a wife, mother, servant, nurse, writer, and speaker….

Maybe one day (soon…if I have it MY way right?) I will have like…giveaways, and buttons, and guests posts. and all that cool stuff! Please keep visiting….leave comments (they make me feel loved…hehe) and by all means….SHARE! God frowns upon stingy…;)

Be Blessed!

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  1. I’m visiting from the MOB BLogHop. It is nice to meet you. Your story is quite amazing and it is so good to see how God is working in your life. I do hope that you are able to find what He is calling you to do. Your children are so blessed that care so much and continue to read all about parenting. Many Blessings

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